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Hayley & Josh fiction[dropped]

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am gasit un fic interesant despre relatia lui hayley cu josh
Hayley POV

Josh and I kept our relationship a secret. Well, it isn't a secret anymore since Jeremy caught us. But from Zac and our families. My mom would freak! She'd like kill me if I were in a relationship with Josh. Josh's parents are really strict with the girlfriend thing. Maybe his parents can still stand that their son has a girlfriend, but you know, they're going to tell him you have to be home at this time and all. Sum it up, and you've got the word 'OVER PROTECTIVE'.

"Hey, what took you so long?" Zac asked.

"Ummm...." I was really really bad at telling lies.

"Hayles accidentally spilled the water on the kitchen floor. I had to clean it." Whew. Not the kind of excuse I was looking for, but it was fine. I elbowed Josh. "Oh, and she helped clean it too." He finished.

"I didn't hear anything but whatever." He said and went back to watching TV. I looked at Josh and mouthed 'Thank You'. He mouthed back 'welcome' and smiled. I sighed. He's doing it AGAIN!

"Josh, I'll be in the music room, K?" I wanted some time alone. He just nodded and sat beside Zac and Jeremy in the couch watching the Manchester VS. Chelsea game. I went up the stairs, made a left to the hallway and a right to the music room. When I entered the room, I made my way to the piano. I played around with some notes and thought of lyrics. Thirty minutes pas, and I've got a chorus.

"Cause I've seen love die, way too many times. When it deserved to be alive. I've seen you cry way too many times, When you deserve to be alive. Alive..." I played the last note. I heard clapping. I turned around and I'm not surprised to see Josh leaning against the door.

"So this is what you've been doing...Nice song. You have a stanza already?" He said as he walked over to me. His short haircut is something I need to get use to. He sat beside me and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks I needed that." I smiled at him and he smiled back. Now that he's mine, I feel a whole lot better now that I don't have to hide anything anymore from him. These are one of the days that everything just falls place.

"You know, I feel way lot better now that I got it out of my chest." I said

"Me too. Imagine, Hayles. How many years..." He said shaking his head in disbelief. "Anyway, you got a stanza for me?" He said pointing at the piano sheet. I quickly broke from his hypnotizing gaze and answered him.

"No, not yet. But I'm working on it. Umm. Here." I played the intro and sang.

"I think we have an emergency. I think we have an emergency. I you thought I'd leave well you were wrong cause I won't stop holding on. Are you listening? Are you watching me? If you thought I'd leave well you were wrong cause I won't stop holding on…" I ended with a nice note and I was happy with my performance.

"That's all I've got for now." I said and turned to my right. Josh isn't there. I turned my head to my left and I found Josh sitting on the floor with his guitar. He played around with some chords and finally got the right note.

“ What’s with the lyrics?” He asked not making eye contact with me.


“What made you write this song? I mean, is this what you feel?” He looked up and stared into my eyes. I think it won’t hurt to tell him the truth. I went over to him and sat beside him.

“The reason why I wrote this song is because. Josh, can I trust you? I mean I don’t want to be madly in love with you and like maybe the next day you would forget all about me and break my heart..etc..” Josh just stared at me. Like I was talking nonsense.

“Never mind. You don’t get it…” I stood up but Josh held my hand.

“Hey, I understand. I wouldn’t do that. You know I wouldn’t do that.” He stood up and he put his arms around my tiny waist. I put my arms around his neck. His face was so close to mine I could feel him breathing.

“Hayles, I love you and that would be the last thing I would do on earth.” He said and leaned in to kiss me.

“But” I said and he stopped but he was still really close to my lips.

“ Would you ever cheat on me?” I said with a smart look on my face.

“That would be definitely no. I would never ever hurt you Hayles.”

“Last question.” I interrupted again.

“WHAT??” He said with a laugh. He was couldn’t wait anymore.

“ Are we sharing a room when we get to France?”


I nodded with I smile on my face.

“But I thought your mom…..” His sentenced faded.

“Forget about her. I’ll do everything it takes to get me on that freakin’ plane with you.” I said poking him.

“That’s my girl” He said and he finally leaned in to kiss me.

An hour later, which was like 4pm, Josh and I finished the song. We called it ‘EMERGENCY’.

“Scars they will not fade away…” I sang and Josh did his guitar solo.

“Cause I've seen love die, way too many times. When it deserved to be alive. I've seen you cry way too many times, when you deserve to be alive. Alive...” The song ended. And we heard people whispering behind the door.

“Dude, they can hear you! Shut up will ya!” Zac said.

“How do you know?” It was Jeremy.

“The awkward silence. DUH!”

“Hey guys!” Josh said and I started to laugh. “Soo, who won?”

“MANCHESTER!!!!! WOOOHHOOOOO!!!” They both said and gave each other a high five. Men.

“You guys wrote a song without us? Idiots.” Zac said with his puppy dog face look. He was so not good at it.

I laughed. “But we could practice it together in the next band prac.”

“Good enough. Now, Where’s my coke???” He said wandering out the door looking for his coke and Jeremy followed him out the door leaving me and Josh alone. Again.

“Wanna keep the sheet?” He said waving it in the air.

“Sure” I walked over and sat beside him on the floor. He gave it to me and kissed me on the cheek. I giggled.

“Wanna play Guitar Hero?” He said.

“I get to choose.” I said challenging him.

“Your on..” We both got up and raced back to the living room.

That night.....

Josh POV

"Bye Jerms! See ya next week!" I said as Jeremy drove off. It was raining really hard outside. Thunder clasped and lightning bolts struck. We never knew it would rain today. It was like 7 pm and my parents would be home soon. The rain wouldn't delay them since there isn't any traffic here. Hayley was sitting on wide window ledge hugging a throw pillow looking out the window murmuring a song.

"If I let you love me, be the one adored. Would you go all the way? Be the one I'm looking for. If I let you love me, be the one adored. Would you go all the way? Be the one I'm looking for...." The words faded. She sighed. I guess she was still doubting me. I guess I’ll just prove it to her. I went over to her. She was still looking out the window. I sat behind her, putting my arms around her. She held on to them. I kissed her neck and she giggled.

"You know how we use to play in the rain when we were younger? And you would like make fun of my red hair because it looked like blood when it was wet?" She said still looking out the window. I chuckled.

"Yah, I remember that. But do be honest it did look like blood."

"Yah right. Josh?" She asked with her cute Hayley voice. Oh, you gotta love that.


"My mom didn’t ask you where you were going to college huh? You just really wanted to be with me?"

Dang this girl is good. She caught me. But there is no use of telling lies now that she knows.

“Yah, I’m sorry I had to lie.”

“It’s ok, Just promise don’t lie to me anymore?”

“I promise. I won’t.” I kissed her one more time and she gave me a hug. We heard a honk outside the window. Hayley's mom. We quickly stood up and I walked Hayley to the door.

"Thanks Josh, For everything." She smiled up at me and I bent down to kiss her.

"Josh, enough kisses for tonight. That was kiss number 5."

"What do I care? Your mine now!"

"Yah, I guess I am"

Another honk.

"I'm coming!" She yelled.

"I'll call you" I finally said as I opened the door. I was sprinkled by rain water.

"Yah, you do that."

"I love you, Hayles"

"I love you too, Josh." I pulled her closer to me and kissed her behind the wall so her mother won't see. That would be that last kiss of the night.

"Josh, Kiss number 6" She said as soon as we pulled away from each other.

"Again I say, I don't care. How do you keep track anyway?" I said with a grin.

“I don’t. It was a lucky number to start with.” She smiled at me.

"Bye Joshie” And she hugged me tightly.

"Bye, Hayley. And when did you start calling me that?" I said hugging her back. She chuckled and she ran over to the car with her hood up, got in and drove off.

“I miss her already.” I said and went back into the house. The phone rang when I shut the door behind me. I went to pick it up.

“Farro residence, May I help you?”

“Is this Joshua Farro?” A familiar female voice said.

“Yes it is” I heard honk from a car at the other end of the line. I guess this lady was in a car.

“Meet me at Starbucks at 7:30.”

“Wait who is this?”

“You’ll find out. Go alone. Or your sweet poor Hayley would suffer.” My heart skipped a beat after I heard Hayley’s name. I could hear Hayley crying and screaming. “JOSH DON’T DO IT! IT’S NI—“ then I heard a gun cocked.

“Don’t. Touch. Her.” I said with a firm angry voice. “Can I talk to her?”

“Sure, but better make it quick.” I waited till the phone was with Hayley.

“Josh? Josh? Help me. Please.” She was crying really hard.

“Baby??shh…It’s ok. Did she hurt you?”

“No, but I’m tied up and I’m scared Josh. I’m scared…”

“I’m coming to get you. Don’t worry Hayles. I’m coming. Didn’t your mom pick you up?”

“It wasn’t Mom, Josh. It wasn’t my Mom. I don’t now where my mom is. I’m scared.”

“Hayles, I will not let anything happen to you. I’m coming.”

“JOSH! DON’T! SHE’LL KILL YOU! DON’T! JOSH…” Hayley’s screams faded.

“Just get your freaking ass here. I don’t have all night.” It was the bitch again.


“Ohh, so she’s your Hayley now? What do I want? I want my sweet revenge, Josh.” Then she hung up. Hayley is in trouble. She needs my help. I’ll do whatever it takes to make her safe. I quickly got the keys to my car. I went out the door and it didn’t matter if I got rained on anymore. The only thing that mattered to me now was Hayley. I saw Zac come out of the house with an umbrella.

“WHERE YA GOING, JOSH?” He yelled.

“I’m going to save Hayley, She’s in trouble. Call Jeremy. I’ll tell you what to do when I get there.” I said and sped off as quickly as I could.

“Hayley please be safe, please.”
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Saturday, April 18, 2009
The Truth

(Sorry if it is too soon to reveal :])

Hayley POV

Josh is winning again. He caught me. This time there is NO escape at all. If I say 'uhhh' or 'well, haha, really funny Josh' then he will think I'm stupid. Is this it? Is this the moment? I gave a big sigh and put my hands up in the air and making them drop all of a sudden.
"Josh, there is something you should know....." I said really slowly. He just stared at me waiting for me to finish my sentence. My head kept on screaming you can do it, Hayley! Just say it and get over with it! But my heart said another thing. Are you sure you should say it now? My heart just kept on having second thoughts when it finally decided.

"I have NO idea how many years took me to say this. But...."

Josh POV

Is she really saying it now? As in NOW NOW? Hayley was in front of me biting her lip and her hand inside her pockets.
"I love you Josh, Hayley." We both said at the same time. My heart skipped a beat. I said it. I said I love you to Hayley. After all these years.

Hayley POV

I said it. I relaxed. It's over Hayley. You did it. I saw a sign of relief from Josh. But I wasn't done.
"Josh, I know it was wrong not to tell you after all these years we have known each other. From the day I finally got to know you, I immediately knew you were the one and.." tears were now falling down from my eyes. Recalling the past was always emotional for me. Especially when they are about Josh.
"Every time I see you, I just really wish you knew but, oh god, I'm babbling right?" I said with a grin looking like a complete idiot. Josh was walking towards me then he stopped right in front of me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I put my hands on his neck. He was so close to my face I could feel his breathing. His breath smelled like mint.
"It's ok, hayles. I always loved you. And I promise to love you. Forever." He said in a whispered to me and I cried even more. He kissed me on my forehead, them looked back at me. We stared into each others eyes for a really long time. "Forever? That's a really long time, but you promise, K?"
"I promise" He said softly and planted his lips on mine. His lips were soft but his kiss was intense. When he kissed me, I felt my stomach flip and my head spin. I leaned forward to deepen the kiss and I heard Josh moan. He kissed my chin, my throat and I think now he's getting carried away.
"Josh..." I said in between breaths.
"Josh..." I said again, but he didn't seem to listen. He just kept on kissing me.
"JOSH!" I said while pulling away."Please. Stop."
"Sorry, kinda got carried away." He said and gave me his puppy dog face.
"I hate it when you do that."
"What? Ohh, this..." Then he did his puppy dog face again, but now he looks more pitiful.
"Oh shit shit shit! STOP THAT!!!!" I said and laughed.
"I'll stop if you kiss me again" He said, challenging me. Well, that's an easy task. I kissed Josh on the lips passionately. At that moment, it was just the two of us.

"Dude... FOR REAL???" We heard a guy's voice say.

We found Jeremy staring at us from the stairs. But Zac wasn't around. Just Jeremy. Thank God for that. Because Jeremy can still keep his mouth shut. But Zac, don't even try.
"Jeremy, you can't tell anybody...." I told him. "About this...Thing." I looked at Josh who was looking at me with his 'busted' look.
"Are you guys sure about this?" He said with a really confused look. We both looked at each other. I stared into his dark brown eyes which said everything.
"Yah, I think we are" I said still looking into Josh's eyes. He smiled at me and kissed me gently. Jeremy cleared his throat. I guess we forgot he was still here. I don't know why I had to do all the talking.
"What about the band?"
"We are still Paramore, Jeremy and--" I didn't want to do all the talking. I elbowed Josh which made him move slightly to his right.
" We will always be." He said with a nod.
"Does Zac know?"
"No. That's why you can't tell anybody! This will be a secret, till I don't know, until my mom--" I put my hands on my mouth. Shit. My mom. She hates Josh. Hates the Farro's. I don't know why she never told me. Josh looked at me. I was biting my lip.
"Hey, it's ok. We'll work this out."
"Josh, we are talking about my mom here right?" I said sarcastically.
"I know, but it never hurts to at least try". He's right. I don't even know why my mom hates him. I guess it has something to do with Nicole.
"Wow, Hayley, I'm so proud of you. You finally said it." Jeremy said as he came down from the stairs and gave me tight hug. And Josh left with a confused face.
"Oh, I told Jeremy like WAYYY before in high school when we were in a band together. I kinda told him about you." I said with a guilty look. "Sorry"
"It's ok, Hayles." Josh said with a smile. He looked so handsome with that smile.
"Ok, so, we can't stay down here forever and Zac is looking for his coke". Jeremy said with an innocent smile.
"Alright, let's go"

Hey guyZ, I'm sooo sorry for rushing everything, but I got a few tricks up my sleeve :P Excuse me for bad grammar or mispells XD and for the...SHORT-NESS of the story,
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009
The Basement

Hayley POV

We...Well, I, found myself going down the wooden stairs. Every step I took made a squeaky sound which was pretty annoying. And my guess was that Josh sensed it. The thing about us 2, is that we are like Twins. We could sense what the other is thinking or maybe even be thinking the same thing. We always look out for each other. We help each other, keep each other company. The only friend I really trusted. But sometimes I really feel like an ass that I am having a crush on him since he is my best friend. Lucky, I'm in love with my best friend.

"Hey, sorry about the stairs. I know they get pretty annoying." Josh said as we went down the last few steps of the wooden stairs. I took a really big sigh. The Basement. Lots and lots of memories down here. The first time Josh and I ever had a practice was down here....

"Hi Hayley!" Josh said as he walked toward my locker.

"Hey! What's up?" I said in reply and bit my lip after. I always feel this way when I’m talking to Josh. Nervous. ‘Cause anything can happen.

"Just wonderin' if your free later after school...Uhhh..Cause we are planning to have band practice today."

When he said “if your free later after school”, I thought he was asking me out. But, I knew Josh would approach differently if he DID ask me out. I wouldn't get my hopes up. Yet.

"Whose 'We'?"

"Oh, my brother. I believe you guys met before?"

"Zac? ZAC? HE'S YOUR BROTHER!!??? Wow, small world." I said while scratching the back of my head. I met this guy before in the library and he welcomed me to this place. He told me that usually the new students here in this school don’t make it through the day. He said, thank god you aren’t one of them. Then we started talking about other stuff. He did mention his name was Zac. But he never told me his last name. He was the only guy I ever spoke to around here…So, the obvious.

"Yah he is. Sadly." He said and we both started to laugh.

Yah, the practice went smooth and it was lots of fun. Zac was crazy on his drums. Josh was awesome. I thought his fingers would fall out. And Josh said I nailed every single note. I had a really good time. It was a night I would never forget.

“Uhhh…Hayley?” Josh said as he waved his hand across my face.

“Wh--??” I said as the memory faded, not paying attention to what he said.

“So, you said you wanted to “talk”. Well…” He said looking around. “What was bothering you?”

“Nothng. Just that. This place…” I said looking around.

“Ohh…I know lots of memories down here.” He said with a big sigh. “ Hey remember the time when I asked you to prom?”

“Oh god! Don’t even go there!” I said, laughing and covering my face with my hands. I finally sat down against the wall and Josh joined me.

'It was your fault anyway." Josh said. "If you didn't--"

"YOU are not going to say anything about that crappy night!" I said cutting his sentence.

"Ok ok, jeezus, you don't need to cuss."

"Like you don't do it." I muttered. I put my hand on my forehead looking like I had a headache.

"Hey--Ok fine, maybe I do sometimes." He confessed.

"Huh. No wonder!" I said sarcastically.

"So wait! Back to the topic! Hayley..." Then he looked at me with his deep brown eyes. There he goes again. Dazzling me. I H.A.T.E it when he does that to me. " What do you want to say?"

"WAIT! I can't scold you if I'm a mile shorter than you!" I quickly stood up and I heard Josh chuckle.

"Ok, number one, College. EXPLAIN!" I demanded.

"Again, I say,GET OVER IT!"

"No! I WON'T! Not until you tell me the truth."

"Ok, I'll tell you. I thought," He paused. He was struggling to tell me. Was it really that bad? " I thought you didn't apply for any college yet, and...Don't get mad when I tell you this."

"It depends on what it is." I shot back.

"Your mom--"

"UGHH!!!" I shouted.

"I told you not to get mad..." Josh muttered.

"It's not that. God, that woman...." I said. My mom knew about the whole Josh thing. I guess she can't bear it watching me suffer. Every time Josh is over at my place. She could see how uncomfortable I am around him. And when Josh started dating Nicole, NIK-KOLE. Not me, Nichole. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. I am nothing like that whore. That's when I stopped talking about school, and stuff around my mom. Then sooner or later, she found out why I was so depressed.

"Your mom just asked me where I would be going for college. I told her. She asked if you could join then I said why not? Well, it would be fun. The two of us will be.."

When I heard him say the two of us, I didn't pay attention to what he was saying anymore. Everything just....Gone. The two of us. The two of us. That was the only thing in my mind.

"....I mean, wouldn't that be cool?" Josh said

"Huh? Oh yah. sure. It will." I said and I smiled at him but he quickly looked away. There was a really long moment of silence.

"So, I bet there's a number two, right?" He said. I looked at him.

"Do you want a number 2?"

"It depends on what it is".

I pointed on my lips and gave the WTF look.

"It was an accident." He said innocently.

"I wonder" I put my finger on my chin and look like I was thinking. "I wonder if you call 'not pulling back' an accident?" I said testing him.

"Hey, you didn't pull back either!" He shot back.

"That's because...." Oh crap. I didn't have a solid reason.

"See...Now it's my turn. So Hayley Williams, why didn't you pull back?"

From this point, Josh has won the argument. Again.

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hey guys, sorry about the summary..haha I figured out I wanted to change where the story was going...) if that even made sense...and excuse if I have really bad grammar aand mispells in the past 2 posts...
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hayley POV

“Because….” I said looking down at the table and biting my lip.
“ Hayley, you know, you really don’t have to make up excuses. I can read you like a book. Even though if you don’t say anything.”
I looked back up at him.
“ I know what you’re trying to tell me.”
Shit. You do? Maybe I’m blushing that’s why he knows. Or am I showing signs? OH GOD, OH GOD. He can’t know. Not now.
“Really?” I said sounding smart.
“Are you sure?”
“Hayley” He said giving me a serious look.
“Just tell me”
I had to think of something. I can’t tell him now I have feelings for him. Not now. Then it hit me.
“Josh, I give up. You win. Thanks. I really appreciate it.” And I gave him a warm smile.
There was really other way to end this. I really hate losing, especially to Josh. I quickly slid off the stool and headed off back to living room when I forgot to tell him something. I quickly turned around.
“Hey Jo- ” I broke when I felt someone’s lips smack into mine. Obviously it was Josh. He didn’t pull away and neither did I. I think neither of us were expecting this. His kiss was intense. I could fell that he was trying to break away but he couldn’t. Some part of me liked the feeling but it just felt so wrong too. Soon he quickly pulled away and so did I.
“Oh, MY, GOD!!! JOSH, TELL ME THAT JUST DIDN’T HAPPEN!!!” I said as loud as I could.
“Wh-wh-why did you turn all of a sudden?” Josh said in a confused voice.
“Hey, you were too close.” I said in a defensive tone.
“Hey, and keep it down. There are still people over there.” Jeremy said.
“Are you two okay back there?” Zac asked.
“Nah. We’re okay, Zac!” We said together.
“You want me to come there?” We could here his footsteps becoming louder and louder.
“NO!” We both exclaimed.
“Okay, okay…” He went back and started talking to Jeremy again. Then we resumed to our argument.
“Me? Being too close? Look whose talking.” Josh said in a whisper.
“Yah, if you didn’t do, do, what you did, well, y-you, know.”
“Let’s just say it was an accident.” Josh said to finally put this conversation to an end.
“Yah, let’s just say that.” I quickly . But I will not lose to Josh again. We both stood there. Silent.
“You wouldn’t let it go, huh?” Josh asked me.
“Nuh-uh.” I said quickly in reply. “Can we talk in private please?”
“Uhhh…Hayles, We are alone.”
I pointed to the hall way that led to the living room. Because obviously, we would end up screaming and shouting at each other again.
Josh mouthed “Ohhh..Follow me.”
As we walked to his so-called “PRIVATE PLACE” I couldn’t stop thinking of the kind of feeling when he kissed me. My head just kept on screaming:


Hahaha…Sorry if it such a short chapter…I was soo busy the past few days. Okay, maybe weeks. PROMISE I WILL BE UPDATING WHEN I GET BACK FORM GUAM! Please comment. J HAHAHAHA!!!! Sorry Jeanelle. I know you really want me to update like every single second….SORRY SORRY SORRY!!!

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Woah-oh-oh-oh". The outro was played and the song ended.

"Wow! That was the worse thing, I have ever heard!" Hayley laughed breaking her words.

"Thanks a lot Zac, I messed up because of you." Josh said

"Well, my OH-SO-PERFECT brother, people make mistakes. ok??" Zac said in reply.

"Ok guys, you can do that later". Hayley warned them. Josh stopped right away. But Zac would not let it go. He made faces behind his brother's back that made Hayley and Jeremy chuckle. Josh didn't need to turn around to know what he was doing.

"Zac, stop. Now." He insisted.

"Or else what?"

"No Pizza for you"

"Fine" and then he sighed.

Hayley and Jeremy couldn’t help but laugh. Siblings. Hayley quickly plopped down on the couch. "Oh god. This thing got me so highhhhhhh" She said and exagerated the 'high'. Josh quickly reached out for the coffee at the other end of the table. He almost took a sip when Hayley's voice caught his attention.

"Ummmm...Josh..That's mine." She said pointing at the cup with her name on it.

"OH SHIT! Sorry Hayles" Josh quickly put the cup down and he flushed red as a tomato.

"Nah. It's ok, Josh. Here, I think this is...." She picked up the Starbucks on the side table with a white envelope with a seal that looked quite familiar. She ignored it and took a look at the cup. "yours". She gave it to Josh with a warm smile.

Josh POV

That smile. That Killer Hayley Smile. The gap between her 2 front teeth almost made my laugh. She was amazing. I loved everything about her. She’s perfect. Hayley was the only person who really understood me. Sounds weird right? Even before I met Nicole. Nicole was a huge mistake. She…Was…Hell! She would make me do stuff, that aren’t pretty at all. I was stupid enough to fall for her tricks. I was young. I didn’t know…those stuff. But Hayley was always there for me. She is a really good friend. I love the way she talks, she laughs, and how she sings. When she sings, she takes my breath away.

“Umm, Josh, It’s getting hot” Hayley said in a whining tone.

“Sorry Hayles. Thanks.”

“So, what are you thinking of?” she said looking smart.


Then she gave me the ‘Spill-it-Josh-Farro’ look. This is how long we’ve known each other. And after all these years, I’m only known as her best friend named Josh Farro.

“Umm…Just thinking about college stuff.”

Jeremy and Zac hollered together like they were watching a football game.

“Ohhhhh…..Dude Dude Dude! Your so old now!!!!”

“If I’m old Jeremy, then what are you?” I shot back at him.

Hayley started laughing. And Zac couldn’t help but punching him on the shoulder.

“Good Point.” He said, giving me a quick point.

I smirked at him. Yes, Jeremy was older than me. He’s done with college. I really don’t know what he’s doing now aside from eating and playing his bass. But Jeremy is really funny. That’s one thing for sure.

3rd Person

The 4 of them were having a good time that afternoon. Jeremy was talking about this college in Canada which is a really good school. Obviously he was talking to Hayley and Josh. Zac had nothing to do with all of this since he isn’t taking college yet. He just joined the conversion making side comments. The conversation went on for a couple of minutes. Josh was silent the whole time. Like something was bothering him. Jeremy mentioned that college was really tiring and the time when he couldn’t come to the band practices because of the tests. All of a sudden Hayley’s phone rang. She quickly stood up and ran towards the foyer.


“Is this Hayley Williams?”

And there was a moment of silence between them.

“Ms.Williams, this is the French Performing Arts Academy. You are scheduled for an audition on February 24. Is that date ok with you?” . Her voice sounded so calm and firm.

“Uhh, Yah, sure, But wait, I didn’t even…apply for this school. Did my mom…??” She said as her sentence faded.

“It looks like uhhh……” The lady paused for a moment. “ Mr.Farro applied for you.”

Hayley peeped behind the wall finding Josh looking at her too. She shot him a look. He just smiled.

“Uhhh, yah sure, I’ll be there. Thank you very much.”

“Your welcome, Ms.Williams.” Then the lady hung up the phone.

“Josh, Freakin, Farro, you, are, so dead. She muttered as she walked back to the living room.

Hayley’s POV

I’m so going to kill him. Yes, sometimes he can be really sweet and kind. But what he just did, was making me look like an irresponsible person who couldn’t take care for her own needs. Which is down to earth stupid. I’m so mad at him right now, but at the same time, I’m happy he did that for me. That was really thoughtful of him. These are one of the reasons why I love Josh. Besides from his dreamy brown eyes, his dark brown hair, and. Oh I’m sorry if this is weird but….his lip ring. I love everything about Josh. Thing is, I never told heim how I really felt about him. Maybe, I guess, now is the time. I was walking back to the living room with my phone in my hand. I was really angry.

“What’s with the face, Hayles?” Jeremy asked me.

I stared at Josh for a really long time. My eyes were telling him that we need to talk and he just nodded. Wow, he can read minds too.

“Hey, any of you want something to drink?” Josh said as he quickly stood up from the couch.

“Ummm…Hey can you get me a Coke in the fridge?” Zac said. “Oh, you won’t miss it because it has my name on it”.

“Why would you have your name on it?” Josh asked.

“Because, if it doesn’t like the last time, you gave it to your girlfriend Nicole”. And Zac smiled.

I began to shift my weight to the other foot and I was feeling uncomfortable with the topic. I bit my lip and put my hands behind my back. Josh noticed me. I can tell. He knew I was really uncomfortable with this stuff. The last time we talked about this, it wasn’t a pretty site.

“Why is it so hard for you to accept the fact that I’m dating her?”

I just kept silent. Looking down at my feet.

“ See? She isn’t that bad. Just wait till you get to know her.”

Josh was walking away from me when I finally spoke up.


Then he stopped and looked back.

“ ‘Because’ what, Hayley?’


“I….Love.. .The way you are now. And I’m really afraid she’s going to change who you are”.

God. How stupid can you get Hayley.

“ Come here” Josh opened his arms.

I quickly ran to him and he gave me a really big hug. And I started to cry.

“Don’t worry Hayles, I won’t change, I promise.” Then he smiled at me.

“You better promise”

“I promise”.

“ Zac, EX-girlfriend. Don’t say that bitch’s name ever again.” Josh’s voice was firm.

“ok…???” Zac said in reply confused.

We both walked to the kitchen. Josh got the coke in the fridge then he turned to me.

“Ok, What’s up Hayles? Oh, and sorry about that. Zac’s mouth is just…ughh”

I loved how he said my name. I chill went down my spine.

“Nah, it’s ok. I’m used to it. Ummm… Guess who called?”

“Ms. Carrie?”

“Who’s Ms. Carrie?”

“Ok wait, let me re-phrase that. A woman with a very firm voice who is from French Performing Arts Academy?”

“Bingo. Why Josh? WHY?” I slammed my hand on the table.

“Why can’t you just say ‘Thank you Josh, that’s very kind of you’ instead of getting mad at me for applying you in the number 1 school in Europe? And I thought it was your dream to go to France and study music there?”

“Because, did it ever occur to you I have a mom? Who doesn’t like you and doesn’t want me around you? It took me a whole week of laundry to be here today. And you expect me to go with you, to France, for 4 YEARS????” I almost screamed, but I kept my voice down since Jeremy and Zac are still in the living room.

“I’ll talk to her”

“No you’re not”

“Yes I will”

“NO you WILL NOT!”

“Yes I will Hayley”

I was surprised at how calm he was.

“Hayley, can you just thank me and get over it?”




“ ‘Because’ what?”


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